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I thought lemons were a fruit.

Yes, lemons are a fruit. 

However, Lemon's (with an apostrophe 's) is a Memphis-based indie rock band composed of Susie Hydrick, Jackson Williams, and Ben Spiegelman. Since their formation, Lemon's has made some changes in the lineup, with founding member Luke Braswell transitioning from his role of guitar and vocals to the position of Lemon's primary producer. 

 While their sound is heavily characterized by catchy guitar riffs and thoughtful instrumentation, just as much, if not more, thought goes into the lyrical content of their music. They often draw inspiration from life experiences, such as family trauma, romantic and familial relationships, and their own introspective journeys.

Lemon's stepped into the music scene in February of 2021 with the release of our first single, 'Sweet Sad Eyes' with hopes to one day tour the world and be the force behind the song you get sick of hearing on the radio. 
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to catch a live show, follow our socials, and stream our new single 'Don't Leave' now available on all streaming platforms!

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