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I thought lemons were a fruit.

Yes, lemons are a fruit. 
However, Lemon's (with an apostrophe 's) is a Memphis-based Indie Rock band composed of four members: Susie Hydrick, Luke Braswell, Aidan Stanford, and Jackson Williams.​ 
​Although we are musicians, we are first and foremost songwriters. For us, music is therapy, and lyrics matter. We want people who come to our shows to not only feed off our high-energy when we perform our more upbeat songs but feel the honesty in our lyrics.

Lemon's stepped into the music scene in February of 2021 with the release of our first single, 'Sweet Sad Eyes' with hopes to one day tour the world and be the force behind the song you get sick of hearing on the radio. 
Your mission; should you choose to accept it, catch a live show, follow our socials, and stream our new single Wouldn't Change a Thing, now available on all streaming platforms!

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